Liberation Campaigns

By Akosua Darko

In the past weeks I’ve discovered some members of the students’ union, as well as staff, do not understand what an autonomous campaign is, which is appaling since it’s imperative these campaigns are autonomous and, not micromanaged by the student union. There is no excuse for the unions ignorance and especially that of staff members, since this information is not difficult for students’ unions to come by. So I thought I would

break it down for all student, students’ union officers and part time officers. The liberation groups include, Black students,  Disabled students, Women and LGBT + students.

Heather Wood is Women’s officer, Hamzah Nurgat is BME officer, Ellie Pullen is Disabled students officer. Hannah Stewart is LGBT women’s officer and Sam McLaughin is LGBT open place officer.

Liberation campaigns are autonomous campaigns. Liberation campaigns are autonomous within the university and students’ unions. This means the officers in this campaign direct their campaigns according to what their members want. No one out of the campaign group or the members represented should have any say in the running of these campaigns.

The Women’s campaign in this University should be run by the Women’s officer and she should take into the views of the Women students she represents. She represents all the female students of Swansea University. She is only accountable to the female students and no one else in the union has the power to direct her campaign or decide what goes on in concerns to women.

The Black students’ campaign should be run by the Black students officer. He represents all the black students in the University and, no one in the union apart from him can direct the campaign or have any say. He is accountable to black students only and represents their views.

The Disabled students’ officer, represents all disabled students in the University. She runs the campaign, no one in the union can interfere and only she is accountable to the disabled students in the university.

The LGBT officers run the LGBT campaign in the union, they represent LGBT + students’ in the union and are only accountable to them. No one else in the union can decide how their campaign is run.