Liberation: Year in Review

By Akosua Darko

I am proud to have been Waterfront’s first Liberation Editor since 2015. Thank you to everyone who has read my articles and kept up to date with the column. The past two years have been great for liberation within the student movement. Here are some of the highlights.

Jainaba Conteh, our Women’s Officer was awarded NUS inspirational woman of the year 2017.

Swansea university had its first black female president, Chisomo Phiri elected in 2017.

Robiu Salisu served two years as Education Officer, from 2015 – 2017.

I served two terms as Black Students Officer in Wales, but unfortunately did not manage to stop NUS Wales from working with UKIP or getting a reserved space for a black student for every union that could send four delegates to NUS Wales conference.

Heather Wood became Lesbian Rep in NUS Women’s committee in 2016.

Hannah Stewart became the LGBT women’s Rep in 2016.

What I would say is to people in liberation groups is to always fight for your rights! Be proud of who you are – people’s ignorance is not your problem. You are wonderful. Hateful people are not. Find people who appreciate your beauty and keep them around. Don’t waste time with those who do not. Live a good life, use the services available to you and never be ashamed or feel less than the wonderful person that you are.

For those wishing to be activists, be strong! The student unions and NUS may not always support you. But fight for your conviction and your rights, be strong, be unwavering and one day you will win.


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