Swansea University Celebrates 45th Omani National Day

Friday 22nd December saw the Exhibition Inaguration on the 45th Omani National Day at Swansea University, opening the celebrations for a weekend of events in Swansea.

On the evening of Saturday 23 December, 973 Omani and 139 invitees from Swansea/ Wales attended the event, which included 34 Folk performers and 122 Swansea Omani students. In total 1268 attendees enjoy the evening programme and dinner

On Sunday 24th, a poetry competition was held in Faraday A to mark the end of the 45th Omani National Day event in Swansea. The Cultural Attaché officially closed the event and open the bid for next year.Omani_Day_Brangwyn_Hall_298 LO Omani_Day_Brangwyn_Hall_342 LO Omani_Day_Swansea_Uni_136 LO