Students’ union Study Aid Success!

By Rhydian Morris

The bi-annual tradition of student Study Aid kicked off this January 11th and continued till the end of the exam period on the 22nd.

Student reps, Part-time officer’s and other keen students took time out of their nights to man stalls in both libraries, offering some support to stressed out students taking exams. Student’s revising in either the Singleton or Bay Campus library from 5-10pm were able to get a variety of hot drinks from coffee to hot chocolate, along with sweets and other useful materials.

The January exam period is a very stressful time period for students. For many, this will be the first time they will face exams at a university level. It’s valuable, therefore, to attempt to reduce this stress and encourage students to take breaks and practice healthy self- care at this time of year.

Robiu Salisu the Student’s Union Education Officer had this to say about the event “The importance of study aid is to provide students support during the exam period. Students are often too drained and tired to concentrate whilst revising long hours in the library. For that reason, we will be there, as their knight and shining armour, giving them a boost with free coffee, tea, biscuits and a friendly chat. This will also be an opportunity for students to speak to their representatives, such as myself, their subject or college reps and some of the other Full or Part-Time officers in the Students’ Union.This event is completely run by students for students, so a big massive thanks to all the volunteers who have signed up each evening.”

Study Aid will return for the summer exam period.