Now For More: Swansea’s mini weekender!

To all of you returning to Swansea: welcome back! And to all of you new starters, welcome to your charming home for the next academic year – you’re going to have an absolute ball. But what a better way to start than by having a look at the best Swansea has to offer?

So, as we all love a bit of culture – and if you don’t you should probably stop reading now – I’ve put together a handy guide for the upcoming ‘Now For More’ mini-festival that’s happening all over our little city. What a better way to start the year off or to make new friends than by having a look around some of the best culture Swansea has to offer? From exhibitions, shows and workshops, ‘Now for More’ is a brilliant place to start.

The festival is between 25th-29th September and will be spread across all of Swansea’s main cultural institutions and organisations. So, expect to find events happening at the Waterfront Museum, Swansea’s Grand Theatre, Swansea Civic Centre, The Dylan Thomas Centre – and that’s only to name a few. Focusing on the theme of The British Empire Panels and the legacy of WW1, as well as the impact of war and conflict on human relationships, this festival promises to be a culturally enriching experience for all involved. Put simply it’s, an event that should not be missed. Below you’ll find a description of some events taking place – but there are many more to choose from!

Featured in the festival theme will be 20th Century feminism, with an exhibition by Lee Karen Stow called ‘Women, War & Peace’ taking place at Swansea Civic Centre between 19th September to 10th October – you’ll have plenty of time to see this one! Stow is a photojournalist who’s documented the personal narratives of women of war and conflict – her work in this exhibition focuses on the struggles of Welsh women during conflict, as well as many others who are affected by the horrors of war. In Stow’s own words, she hopes that the exhibition can “begin a conversation about the historic and ongoing presence of war on our lives and the ongoing search for peace.” Her work promises to be fascinating and will shed a harrowing light on the realities of women’s lives during conflict.

Vintage vocal trio the Haywood Sisters

There’s also a workshop on the 29th September at the National Waterfront Museum, with a special performance by the Haywood Sisters, a vintage vocal trio who perform nostalgic songs from the 1st World War era. The event is free and lasts until 12-4pm. There will be a multitude of activities taking place, such as crafts, letterpress printing, handling collections and much more. What’s not to love?

Between 24th-29th, there will be an epic theatre performance called Now the Hero by artist Marc Rees. The performance will be a radical commemoration of WWI, and will take place in and around Brangwyn Hall, although it will start on Swansea Bay. It is deeply intertwined with the theme of war and promises to be a marvellous production. Don’t miss out!

With so many different activities and so many fascinating things to be a part of, get yourself down to Swansea’s most culturally-rich places and enjoy a bit of history. It’ll be a brilliant way to start your year – we’ll see you there!

By Nicola McAndrew


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