Gamers Unite to Raise Money For Children’s Charity!

On December 5th through to December 6th, SGS (Swansea Gaming Society) will be playing twenty four hours of games to raise money and awareness for the charity Child’s Play.

Child’s Play is a charity set up around the premise of giving children games to play when they’re in hospital. Currently the charity provides these games to four hospitals in the UK and one in Ireland.

This isn’t the first charity event or twentyfour hour event the society has done. Last year the society had a successful event and raised money for Child’s Play. Already this year the society has run two nightlong events, one of which was the week just gone during SnowSpire, an event that went relatively favourably for the society.

Over the twentyfour hours the society hopes to play through numerous new and classic titles including a complete run-through of the Halo games (Halo: CE – Halo 5, not including ODST and Reach), another complete run through of Banjo-Kazooie and others.

If you’re interested in helping out or donating be sure to contact SGS on either their Facebook page or email at The venue will also be open to spectating from 12PM Saturday to 12PM Sunday. If you’re unable to attend in person you will be able to tune in on YouTube Gaming on the society’s YouTube page.

You can also join in the fun over on the society’s Union page which can be found on the Union website. Membership is £2.50 for the year and they run multiple kinds of events to satisfy every type of gamer. The events stretch from the four weekly events which include card gaming, boardgaming, a general meet and an online night to more irregular and even more fun events such as twentyfour hour LAN events like this one and competitive tournaments against other universities. Overall the society offers great value for money.