The Christmas Wishlist: Phones, Games and More!

With Christmas just around the corner and the January sales just after that, you’re more than likely going to be greeted with a whole host of different offers regarding presents you can buy or ask for. But what about technology? asks Declan Murphy. What’s the latest game or console to own? What about newest phone or accessory?

Hopefully I’ll be able to give you a good rundown on the latest products hitting shelves and make that Christmas shop slightly easier whether it’s for a relative or just a small gift to yourself.


By now you’ve probably seen all the trailers, possibly even demoed a couple. This fall’s new releases are out in full force and they’re nothing to be scoffed at. Running from your standard yearly releases in the form of Assassin’s Creed, FIFA and Call of Duty to your more anticipated titles like Halo 5 and Fallout 4, this year is a strong year for games.

Anyone one of those titles mentioned above is worth a look at if you’re sat bored twiddling your fingers or if you’re looking for a gift. Do note however that some games, like Halo, have console limitations and are stuck to one platform.

If you’re a bit confused still you can always just get a gift card. If you do get one though don’t get one for a specific store! Games these days are turning more and more digital in terms of their distribution.

Done are the days of the disc and now comes the age of downloads. Instead look at getting an Xbox or PS+ gift card or even a Steam gift card if that person is a PC gamer.


I think its safe to assume that nearly everyone reading this is a student, so we can’t exactly afford to gift someone a phone. Instead you may be looking at picking one up for yourself or asking your parents for an investment in the field of telecommunication devices.

So the main four you’re going to be looking at are the iPhone, HTC, Samsung Galaxy and Nokia Lumia. All have perks which I advise to do an in depth read on and cons which I advise to read up on just as much!

The main pros of the iPhone is the ease of use and the social aspect with iMessage. These two reasons have led to the iPhone becoming a powerhouse in the market. The biggest drawback of the phone however is the price and storage sizes. The iPhone easily sits as the most expensive high selling phone and it hasn’t moved on from the 16GB storage size.

The HTC is great for any developers out there! I know Computer Science offers a module in which an Android OS is required for app development. The OS itself offers a lot of different settings and options and means you can have a great level of customisation for the device itself. The trade off is that you may find the OS slightly slower than that of say, the iPhones, especially on the cheaper versions of the phone.

The Galaxy is another heavyweight. Its main USP being that it offers a very rugged case which is able to withstand a large amount of abuse. The drawback of the device however is its operating system is seen as inferior to Android and iOS.

Last but not least is the lumia. The Lumia offers a really good camera for all your photographing needs. It also has Windows so syncs with any Windows device such as the Surface and Windows 10 computers. The drawback is also sort of OS in an age where your phone is more than a phone the Nokia offers very little in terms of going above and beyond.

Stocking Fillers

Still a bit stuck? Maybe your dad is a bit too far in the past to use a smart phone and giving him an Xbox controller would only confuse him? Well there is always the little gadgets and devices you can get as a small gimmick or make their life a little easier.

You can find small gadgets in most high street stores where it is WH Smiths or HMV. You can also find whole shops dedicated to it; Mankind being one, however if you live in Swansea during Christmas time you’re out of luck seeing as the one in the Quadrant shut down earlier this year.

Not to worry too much though as you can always turn to the ever-trusty computer and look there. One such site I use is It’s a simple premise, the more of one such thing is ordered, the cheaper it gets. The great thing about this is that those hot on the market gadgets (Self Balancing Scooter I’m looking at you) are normally cheaper because of the demand for them. They offer a wide array of gadgets both gimmick-y and fun!

If Massdrop or a similar site hasn’t satisfied that hunger then you can always go for the standard sites such as Amazon or eBay where you’re almost certain to find what you need.

You should be able to find something for everyone if you use those sites, even grandma could benefit from it. Although I wouldn’t go getting her a Self Balancing Scooter anytime soon!