Late Night Bus Service Still Under Threat

This week saw First nearly cut the night bus after a flurry of incidents surrounding the state of buses coming from the town center after nights out.

The move nearly came after numerous reports of litter and other less than desirable things being left on buses after people had emptied out. The service has only been running since around December and already First Cymru had opted to review its future.
The service offers a safe way for students to get home from Wind Street after a night out and as a result students who rely on the service would’ve had to find alternate means of getting home.
As well as offering a safer option, it also offers a cheaper option. Overall, using the buses provided works out as a cheaper means to get home after a night out than the other option of using a taxi.

Students weren’t the only ones affected by the potential change. Some of the service’s users are also those working late shifts in the town center.
The initial news that the service was nearly lost was broke to most through Lewys Arôn’s, the SU President’s, Facebook page. He had previously mentioned his and First’s distaste for the way the buses had been left, “Absolutely disgusted with images I have been sent by First”. When reached for comment, the President informed the Waterfront he would have to attend “a series of emergency meetings to try and retain the service”.

Luckily, it seems to have paid off, for now. The risk of losing the service is no surprise given the attitude of some students and locavls during nights out. Over Halloween local police were called out numerous times in regards to issues with partygoers. That being said it seems the vast majority of students were nearly punished for the actions of a few, an unfortunate reality.