Gaming Events: SGS 24 Hour

Last weekend SGS (Swansea Gaming Society) held its first 24-hour event of 2016. Overall it was a great success! Featuring games of all genres and styles as well as a fridge of energy drink courtesy of Red Bull, the event has set the stage for hopefully a good year in the society.

It wasn’t only drinks and games on offer. The event also featured a quiz and tournaments with prizes. One thing that was missing however was the Internet… Yup. Well, technically it was there, if you can constitute 10Kb/s downloads as Internet nowadays. It felt like my mum was going to shout at me and tell me to get off the computer so she could use the phone. It was that slow.

Either way, it was a minor inconvenience for an otherwise great 24 hours! If you’re interested in joining SGS feel free to join on the Union site and through the Facebook page by googling Swansea Gaming Society.