Campaign Success for Robiu! No More Saturday Exams!

Saturday exams are on the way out following consultations with University colleges. Following a vote held by Education Officer Robiu Salisu’s ‘Saturday Exams Campaign’ Saturday exams are to be scrapped. The majority of Students voted ‘no’ in response to the “Should Saturday exams remain?” question. According to Robiu’s blog on the Students’ Union website the outcomes from the poll were:

  1.  No Saturday exams but longer period into revision week = 372 (36%)
  2. Keep Saturday exams = 306 (30%)
  3. No Saturday exams but more frequent (eg.2 per day) = 49 (5%)
  4. No Saturday exams but longer period into employability week. = 302 (29%)

The turnout for the poll was over 1025 responses, which is an impressive engagement from the Students’ Union and its Education Zone which is made up of subject and college reps. So what does this mean? Well changes will be made for the 2017 January exam season and beyond. Saturday exams don’t currently run through June so exams this year won’t be affected. What it will mean though is that the revision period is shorter and so students’ will be expected to us Christmas holiday time for revision.


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