Portugal: At a glance

Portugal is a Southern European country located on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering with Spain. The country each year is gaining more and more popularity as a perfect tourist destination.

Portugal has so much to suit the needs of all who come: beautiful beaches, many fascinating places, breathtaking views, tasty local products and amazing spots for watersports. All this makes this place a perfect destination for many tourists. I would like to focus primarily on four of my favourite places there, which in my opinion can make you fall in love with the country.

Fatima is a sacred place for many Catholics. It is a small town, home to the Sanctuary of Fátima, and both the town and sanctuary (which is all built in white) are worth visiting. While being there you should try one of the famous Portuguese sweets called Pão de Deus (God’s bread). The town is easily accessible from Lisbon and is the perfect idea for a day out.

Cathedral of Faro

Faro is the capital of Algarve (the Southern region of Portugal). It is small but charming and very unique. A pure haven for history lovers check out Faro’s Cathedral, original Moorish wall or I’d recommend the chapel of bones.

If you are up for a less active form of leisure and would like to find a quiet escape in the heart of nature, a perfect solution is the one day trip to Ilha Deserta (the Desert Island). You can buy a trip from one of the local tourist offices.

Douro river, Porto

Porto in contrary to Faro, is situated in the northwest of the country. Well-known, not only for its historical value, but also for its fortified wine call Port, or vino do Porto in Portuguese. The Alto Duro Regio, famous for its port production was put on the World Heritage List in 2001. This is a must visit place for any wine connoisseur.

Pastel de nata

The last but definitely not least! Lisbon is one of the most amazing places I have ever been to. I think there are no words to describe how beautiful it is. The capital of Portugal has loads to offer in terms of amusement and sightseeing. My advice is to hire a bike and go for a ride along the streets of Lisbon, take the compulsory picture with yellow tramway and eat the famous Portuguese custard tart, Pastel de Nata!

by Asia Kusnierek


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