Valentine’s In Lockdown

This Valentine’s Day, along with everything else at the moment, will be very different. With lockdowns continuing into February, a lot of people will be unable to spend Valentine’s Day in person with their partner. However, this does not mean that you can’t celebrate virtually. Compiled here are some ideas if you’re struggling to think of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day online.  


  1. Order food and eat together on a video call 

You could order food from the same place, or you could both choose a meal for one another and send it to the other’s house. You could chat whilst you’re eating, or if you find that awkward you could both watch an episode of a TV show you love. This way it’s kind of like going out to a meal or the cinema together, or at least as close to that as we can get for the time being.   

2. Write a letter  

You could each write a letter and post it to each other. It could be a soppy letter about your relationship, or it could be a life update about how you’re feeling and what you’ve been getting up to since being in lockdown. It’d also serve then as a keepsake to remind you of this abnormal Valentine’s Day.  

3. Play some online games together 

There are lots of websites that offer free online multiplayer games. You could research and find a few games and then try out those on a video call. If you were happy to spend some money, there are also online escape rooms available at the moment, so you could solve the escape room together whilst on a call. You could also find some question games to play to help get to know each other better. There are loads of these online, and they help as a prompt to keep the conversation flowing easily too (which can help if you’re nervous and want some conversation starters to fall back on).  

  1. Painting and Wine Night

If you’re into more creative things, you could set up some paints and an easel and paint at the same time. You could choose a theme, or create paintings of each other. Afterwards you could send the finished products to one another.

5. Zoom double date  

If, like me, you’re not a huge fan of video calling, you could add some more people to your call to take some of the pressure off from one-on-one conversations. Inviting some friends or another couple that you know to join a zoom with you to play some online games or just to chat could liven up the evening and make you feel a bit less nervous about talking on a call.  

6. Bucket list for the future  

The final idea I have is to make a bucket-list together. This could be trips you want to go on when travel is allowed, or date night ideas for when things reopen. It could even just be talking about all the things you’ve wanted to do since you were younger, like travelling or seeing different sights. It’s a fun way to feel excited about the future and to think about all the things that we’re slowly but surely getting closer to.  




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