By Jack Spencer

Bloc Party Discuss new album Hymns ahead of their forthcoming tour

How does your new album HYMNS differ from your previous releases? Has the change within the band’s line-up brought new influences to the sound?

No, as most of this record was written by Kele and myself; we are working on new material as the four of us now, though.

Is there an overall concept and lyrical theme in the album?

Yes, but that’s for Kele to discuss, he wouldn’t tell me about it.

What songs from the album do you think will come across best live?

The Love Within has been popular so far and Virtue as well.

Why did The Love Within stand out as the lead single for you?

It’s always difficult to pick singles but everyone felt like this would stand out.

How are you going to look to balance your set lists with a new sounding album?

A little bit of this, a little bit of that, there’s something for everyone …

Do you still enjoy playing your old songs; any in particular?

Yes. She’s Hearing Voices is always a favourite to play

From all of your songs, which one do you think best soundtracks a night out on the town?


If you could have one artist cover one of your songs, who would it be?

Justin Bieber; good royalties to be made there.

BLOC PARTY, HYMNS is out now.


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