The Local Scene – International Women’s Day Edition

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year around the world. As a result of this celebration, we are spotlighting two local bands with female members.


SouthBound – A Female-Fronted Alternative Rock Band

SouthBound is a heavy/alternative rock band from the South Wales valleys that consists of Megan Jenkins (vocals & rhythm guitar), Morgan Price (lead guitar), Harri Wyatt-Jones (rhythm guitar), Kyle Chaplin (bass) and Tom Witcombe (drums). The band started in 2017 and began playing covers on the South Wales circuit but after a change in line-up and the addition of Kyle & Meg, the band moved in a new direction and began writing and performing purely original material.  

When asked about their favourite gig they have played, they told us about the launch party for their debut EP ‘Even Angels Sin’ in FUEL Rock Club in January 2020. It was their biggest headliner to date and the amount of support they received was completely unexpected. They told us that it was more than worth the blood, sweat and tears that went into it!  

The band’s main influences include Halestorm, Ozzy Osbourne, Volbeat and Alter Bridge – although it is evident by their music that each of the five members have vastly different tastes.  

To support SouthBound during the current lockdown, check out their social media accounts:

You can also stream their new single ‘On The Rise’ and learn all the words ready for that first gig back after lockdown!


The Kick Jetts – An All Girl Rock Band

Amy (guitarist) and Sophie (bassist) had always wanted to start an all-female rock band, so one day they decided that they were going to search for a drummer and a lead singer through the power of social media. Initially, they made a Facebook group for the band and began as a duo, covering songs by the likes of Joan Jett and Nirvana. Eventually, Cherie (drummer) saw the advertisement for a drummer and decided to jam out some covers with Amy and Sophie, which led to her joining the band. In August 2019, Louise (lead singer) was introduced to a video of The Kick Jetts covering Cherry bomb by The Runaways and she knew then that she had to join. 

Their influences include rock bands such as The Runaways, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and The Pretty Reckless. They’re also inspired by punk bands such as Bikini Kill.

Their very first gig was the band’s favourite. They informed us that the gig, which took place at the Swansea music venue, Creature Sound, had a large turnout and the response that followed their performance was breathtaking. 

After being together for only a few months, they were signed by an independent music label based in Swansea called Death Monkey Records who were eager to expand their label.

To support the Kick Jetts during the pandemic, like and follow their social media pages:

When the pandemic is over they will be going into the studio to record their single and record an EP!


We also suggest supporting Swansea local music venues such as The Bunkhouse, as we need to ensure that there are as many music venues as possible! 


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