The Local Scene – June

The Green Rooms


The Green Rooms is a rehearsal studio and live music venue in Treforest, Rhondda Cynon Taf, originally founded in 2009. It is currently one of the most popular rehearsal studios in its surrounding area and often hosts a plethora of varied live shows each week. Similarly to the rest of the hospitality sector, Coronavirus hit the venue hard. However, even before the multiple nationwide lockdowns, TGR was severely flooded, causing significant damage to the building and its equipment. 


Fortunately, the venue is beginning to reopen now and is offering practice space again for musicians and creatives alike! TGR has 4 rooms available to book via its website online which are all equipped with a more than capable PA set-up, drum breakables and even some funky lighting. If required, you can also hire other equipment including guitar/bass heads and cabs and cymbals. So if you’re looking for somewhere to practice, a space for a photoshoot or even a quiet room to think, TGR has space for it! 


Of course, TGR is also well-known for its live music events. In an interview with the owner of the venue, Jonny Foxhall, he stated that musicians and fans travel far and wide to the venue to attend and perform there. The Welsh Government has very recently announced that live music can finally return, and TGR has been quick to react to this announcement. In fact, TGR’s first live show will be on the 6th August 2021 where the Skindred frontman, Benji Webbe will be performing an entertaining DJ set at the venue. This live event will include support from the bands, I Fight Bears, Nightlives and Garuda. 


To book a ticket for this show, go over to TGR’s website. Through their website also, you can book tickets for the shows and events planned for later in the year. These include live shows from Laura Power, Sydney Fate and Fistful of Rage. The venue also offers quiz nights and has even planned a ‘Guitar Hero Expert Only Tournament’ on the 20th of August, 2021.


The Green Rooms website:


Head Noise


Head Noise are a New Wave Electro Art-Punk band from the South Wales Valleys. The band formed in 2016 to perform at an art exhibition and their first live set was described by an attendee as ‘David Lynch meets the Pet Shop Boys’ which perfectly captured the surreal imagery that meets pop sensibilities presented within the band’s music and live performance. From there, Head Noise was inspired to start experimenting with their music, taking on elements of Post-Punk that developed into its own oddball Electro-Pop. 


The band are beginning to pick up a dedicated fan base through their entertaining, funny and often surreal live performances. Citing influences with bands such as Devo, Kraftwerk and The Human League. The band have also been lucky to support bands in the past such as Wolf Alice, Public Service Broadcasting, Art Brut, The Pop Group, !!!, John Otway and Electric Six.





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