How to Dress for Unpredictable Weather

Let’s talk about summer. It means warmer weather (hopefully anyway), the end of exams and less layers. However, this is Britain after all and whilst we may want to spend our days in the sun wearing vest tops and shorts, the weather might not comply, and we may find ourselves reaching back into the depths of our wardrobes for our hoodies and warmer clothing. The other day I wore a dress out under the impression that the sun would stay out all day, only to return home soaked with rain. So how do we dress for weather that is so unpredictable?

For me, the answer has always been to come prepared for all weather occasions, which is why I carry a handbag that is always filled to the brim with an umbrella and a jacket. It is not the best feeling when you leave the house in your summer clothes, only to find yourself getting caught in the rain or having a blast of wind making you cold when you are out. To prepare for everything and to expect the unexpected can sometimes become the motto during these British summers. Whilst this may sometimes seem a bit of a pain, having to always prepare before you go out, it does make everything easier once you step outdoors.

On some days, instead of the weather going from hot to cold or hot to wet, we find ourselves in the opposite situation. This is, we go out all wrapped up only to end up boiling and slightly sweaty half an hour later. In this case, the recommendation would be to layer up. By going out in layers that are easier to take off or put on, we become suited for any weather situation that we may find ourselves in.

Whilst we can try and dress for unpredictable weather by wearing layers or carting around extra items in a bag with us, it could be the case that you may just really not want to. If it is a nice day and you have planned to go to the beach then you may be laden down with too many items already (sun cream, food, drinks, beach games) and might not want to be adding extra clothing to the pile of things that you already have. If this is the case then my third recommendation for dressing in unpredictable weather does not actually have anything to do with clothing. Instead, it is to take away the unpredictability and do your research. To do this, look on the online weather forecast to see if there are going to be any sudden weather changes or even just look out of your window to see if the clouds are becoming darker. By doing this, despite weather predictions occasionally being wrong, you are more likely to know in which direction the weather is headed. This will prepare you for any potential surprises to come.

Despite never fully knowing if the sun is going to stay sunny or when the rain may stop, being prepared in regard to our clothing choices and the weather can go a long way in terms of being helpful. However, let us just cross our fingers that the sunny weather that we are currently having will stay here all summer long. 



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