So you’ve been accepted to Swansea


So you’ve got your results back and got that email from UCAS. You’ve likely been inundated with notifications, from your Gran congratulating you in a Facebook post to some random person you’ve never met sending you requests about some Fresher’s event you never even knew existed. Is it okay to be a bit confused? Of course it is, it has probably hit you all like a tonne of bricks! Well let us try clear up some of that confusion…


First of all, friends. You’re probably not going to have any when you first unlock that door to your new home for the year and as a result you’re probably gonna be a bit shy. Well these tips should help you past those boundaries and chatting away to your new pals in no time.

  • Flatmates

Find them as soon as you can! The easiest way to do this is ask around on the freshers’ pages, you’ll be sure to get a couple flat mates and from there it should snowball until you have a full house. Then, organize what you’re gonna bring and whose bringing it. No point turning up to your new digs to go place your toaster in the kitchen along with the several others your flat mates brought. On the plus side, a lot of toast, very quickly, on the down side, you’ve wasted valuable space on the trek down here. Side note, bring an Xbox or PS4 and a couple controllers between the lot of you. Nothing can bring people closer together than sweaty goals on FIFA… If you’re not a gamer or remotely interested in FIFA that’s fine, a deck of cards and some of Frosty Jack’s finest should suffice.

  • Societies

No doubt in your first week you will attend the Freshers’ Fayre, the two-day showcase of clubs and societies that Swansea University has to offer. The great thing about this is that you’ll more than likely find some group that shares your interests; it’s a very broad selection. Societies range from your standard uni groups like Football and Netball to the Quidditch Society. Societies are a great way to find like minded people and have fun, it is probably one of Swansea’s biggest attractions.

  • Neighbours

If the Aussies’ best export has told us anything, it is that “good neighbours become good friends”, and uni is no exception. Making best buds with the flat or floor next you effectively doubles the number of flatmates you have. Twice the amount of people to go Wind Street with (more on that later), twice the amount of people to smash at FIFA, twice the amount of people that might be your course mate. Basically, you make more friends, and those first couple weeks of uni will be made a lot easier as a result.


You might have already received an email from your personal tutor and course lecturers on the course and when it starts, but you might still be in the dark.

  • Societies

I’m not a broken record here, societies do serve multiple purposes. As well as being one of the main “socialisers”,you can also join degree orientated societies and make sure that you have other people who’re on your course. The main advantage of this is to make sure you have someone to turn to in class and definitely not sign you in after you went on a mad Sunday night bender.

  • Don’t buy the books yet!

Number two Fresher mistake, straight after listening to those “Fresher tips” on YikYak. You may think you’re getting ahead of the game but believe me, you’re probably wasting your money. I recommend waiting until lectures start before you buy anything. The on-site bookstore will probably have a deal on for your course and you can save yourself a few bob. Also, the lecturers love to use about 2 of the 10 recommended texts.

  • Bay Campus

It only opened this year, so expect a few hiccups here and there. Lectures will be slightly more confusing because not even the second and third years will know where they’re going.

Wind Street

Drinking isn’t for everyone, understandable. However if it is, you’re more than likely going to spend the majority of your nights out on this 300m strip of land next year.

  • Pronunciation

If you call it “wind” as in movement of air, I, along with the Year 2 and 3 alumni, will label you a “silly fresher” for the rest of eternity.

  • Where and where not to go…

Most of Wind Street is a safe bet and you’ll probably have fun regardless of what bar/club you end up in as long as you’re with a couple of your best buds.

  • Pre-drinking

Behind every great night is an even greater pre-drinks. You may have already dabbled in such occasions, but you’ve not seen anything yet. Pre-drinking experiences will vary from night to night, you could be living it up atop Preseli one night and in Penmaen one night. One thing is always a constant however, and that is Woodside pre-drinks are the greatest thing known to Swansea.


And finally…

  • We hate Cardiff?

We hate Cardiff.