Lost & Found

A young kid moped around all day
Asking for his sister
Ever since that foggy day
He had sorely missed her.

They were playing by the old well
By the edges of the field
During hide and seek he heard a yell
Saw nothing, not even her beloved toy seal.

Town firemen and police chiefs
Did an awfully thorough search
Found nothing in any well or past any leaf
Not even in the overgrown church.

Frustrated, the boy set out at night
While their parents were asleep
Bringing rope and a small flashlight
In case their sibling was somewhere deep.

Feeling cold and awfully winded
After an hour they questioned the hunt
However, this was quickly rescinded
After hearing a desperate grunt.

By the well a voice did scream and shout
‘Brother! It is me!
Please come down here, I can’t get out
And I can hardly see!’

Timidly, the boy edged up close
Shining light far down below
‘I still can’t see past my nose
Plus, I think I hurt my pinkie toe!’

Neither child could see past the black
The lad made up his mind
Throwing over the rope for a way back
Further and further down he climbed.

The journey down felt rather odd
It took more than quite a while
Stone walls moving by even if he stopped
And the flashlight turned off after half a mile.

Exhausted, the boy’s feet touched the ground
Reached down to turn on his light
It was nearly dead, but with a buzzing sound
Revealed a puzzling sight.

There was no sibling present here
Something’s wrong, the kid could feel
In the dirt, something caught their eye
A torn-up plush-toy seal.

Looking up, hairs stood on end,
Eyes met a toothy grin
Mounted upon the chasm’s walls
Made of malevolent human skin.

The walls were closing in
Oh, the secrets the mouths could tell
Now reunited with dear lost kin
All’s well that ends well.

by Sebastian Fletcher


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