REVIEW: Bad Sounds, 5th February Tramshed Cardiff

By Caleb brown

On the 5th of February I had an interview with Bad Sounds as they supported Rat Boy in Tramshed Cardiff alongside Ten Tonnes. Bad Sounds is made up of brothers Callum (vocals, keyboard) and Ewan Merrett (vocals, keyboard), Charlie Pitt (bass), Sam Hunt (guitar) and Olivia Dimery (drums). Their fresh sound and zany music videos is what drew me to the band in the first place so when I got an offer to interview them I couldn’t refuse (despite the initial nerves). Upon skipping the queue of eager teenage fans and dealing with security, I was soon led by the tour manager to meet with frontmen Ewan and Callum and I immediately felt welcomed by their positive attitude. Check out the interview below…

‘The variety is what makes it us. If you feel like you have come up with a formula to create music then the music is gonna sound formulaic’- Callum

The brothers came across very humble and I left my interaction with people much cooler than myself feeling very pleased with myself. I grabbed a beer and calmly took a place at the front of the stage to settle down and relax before the doors open and the swarm of fans surround me.

First on stage was ‘Ten Tonnes` whose indy boy band appeal was enough to make mine and the other screaming teenage girls hearts melt with notable songs such as ‘Lucy’ and ‘Cracks Between’.

Next ‘Bad Sounds’ made their grand entrance onto the stage accompanied by a backing track which flawlessly integrated into the introduction of their opening song.

‘As well as play the music they know you for, it’s still something visual, and you want to have a fun night out as well.. So we just get into it and hopefully other people get into it to’- Callum

When they said that the visual performance is almost as important as the music they weren’t lying and the reception they got was larger than any reception I’ve seen for any support band I have seen at a gig, ever. They even had the large majority of the crowd singing along to their biggest hits ‘Avalanche’ and ‘Wages’, yet may I remind you again they were the support band!? The way the brothers bounced off each other on stage (literally and metaphorically) was captivating and you could just tell they were there having fun and doing what they love, so me as the observer couldn’t help but get down to them funky beats and appreciate the duo for the entertainers they are.

After the performance I noticed I probably looked a bit out place at the front of the crowd and I no longer have the energy to spend in mosh pits (I just want to stare at the drummer and look at the fancy lights). So before Rat boy came on I made a quick escape to the balcony where I felt more at home and watched as Rat boy with his cheeky Essex ways brought out the angst in his teenaged fans and it truly was a spectacle to watch.

Throughout the gig I finally managed to look past the fact that I was no longer a teenager and just questioned myself for why I allowed myself to stop going gigs as much in the first place. As you can tell I am not experienced in writing music reviews, but if I was to say the gig was good or bad, I would say really good.

Support live music, discover new artists and have fun people!


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