5 Reasons why you should join a society

As the saying goes ‘New year, new memberships’. It’s a heavily paraphrased saying, but it’s that time of the year again, and it’s time to consider joining a society for the year. Whether you’re reading this at Freshers Fayre or you’re sitting at a table enjoying this with a cup of coffee, be sure to read the top 5 reasons why you should join a society this year.

It’s something to do in your spare time, particularly in the evenings

Whether you’re a fan of binging Netflix in the evenings or maybe planning your own gaming marathon, you’ll find yourself having spare time in the evenings throughout the year. No matter how much Once Upon A Time you watch (you’ll be watching for a while), you’ll begin to wonder what else you could do in the evenings. This is where societies come in useful! Not only will you have something to do in your spare time, but it’s also a fun activity surrounded by other people.

It’s a great way to make friends

Your journey to uni has probably been full of the phrase ‘you’ll make new friends!’ but we really do mean it. Joining a society helps you meet people who have similar interests, and, due to most societies having Facebook groups, you have constant access to the society and its members. Whether it’s a question about the Marvel Universe or simply asking when the next social is, the society is waiting for you. Although, if you could tell me how Thanos is defeated in Infinity War Part II, then I’d be very grateful. I’ve seen a lot of funny tweets about Peter in the soul stone, but no solution as to how he gets out.

It’s a good place to do coursework or revision

Each year, societies are making themselves even more accessible to students. Some societies even do revision socials, letting you create more revision hours, but this time, with even more friends! In addition, society movie nights are also great for sitting at the back and writing coursework. Or sitting at the back and playing Age of Empires, it’s entirely up to you.

It’s a low-cost way to socialise

As most returners know, student loans don’t exactly support the life of a high-functioning socialite. However, societies aim to make their socials as cheap as possible, saving you a lot of money in the long run. Buying membership to a society can also give you exclusive member perks, such as money off on a society cinema trip, exclusive members-only events, or, in some cases, free pizza.

It’s a great hobby which you can help you in the future

Hear me out on this one; I’m bringing in the CV argument. Each society gives you an opportunity at some point in the year to join its committee. I highly recommend going for a committee role, as this is something you can put on your CV. Not only does it show that you’re involved in extra-curricular activities, but each committee role presents new employable traits. Fancy being a treasurer? That’s financial skills right there. President? Leadership skills in their most raw state. Social Secretary? Social Media experience (that is a thing, and very desirable in the Media employment field) Secretary? Organisational skills from writing all those minutes from your organised meetings. Committee roles help expand and enhance your CV, giving you a great advantage in the world of graduate jobs.

Ready to join a society yet? Be sure to visit them at Freshers Fayre or check out the Student Union website for a list of all the societies available. You can also join a society at any point in the year, so if you fancy going to other societies in January or even November, you can. Have fun and enjoy your year at Swansea University!

Want to suggest a society that should be featured in the Waterfront? Maybe you want to write for us, or, even better, become Societies Editor! Be sure to email me at waterfronteditor@swanseastudentmedia.com  for more details! (Infinity War spoilers are also accepted)

By Carys Svendsen


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