Pop Culture & Halloween

By Gwen Miles

Fashion, all throughout history, is influenced by popular culture. Halloween costumes may not be as widely discussed in the fashion world as Haute couture, but they’re a very good example of how the media, the news, and social trends can influence the designs and stylings of the public. With the growth of social media, there’s more and more pressure to come up with something creative, original and relevant for Halloween – no more putting a sheet over your head and calling yourself a ghost. Here are my predictions for some pop culture influences you might spot on the 31st:

Hillary and Donald

There’s not been one day since the US election that we haven’t had Trump pop up on our News Feed somewhere. His, shall we say, distinctive image is easy to replicate for a costume and there are plenty of catchphrases to really help you get into character: “in 2016 we saw the biggest crowd ever at the Fulton Halloween party, anyone who tells you otherwise is fake news.” Speaking of news, Hillary Clinton’s visit to Swansea brings the presidential candidate back into our cultural gaze, so expect to see some blonde bobs and pantsuits out and about.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown

‘It’ recently crossed the $500m mark to become the highest grossing horror film of all time, so there’s no doubt that the latest incarnation of Stephen King’s murderous clown Pennywise will be replicated across the UK this October. All it takes is some face paint, a red balloon and a white frilly outfit to complete the costume, but it might take some more practice to match Bill Skarsgård’s haunting screechy voice and rolling eyes.

Anyone from Game of Thrones

It’s not unique to 2017 and it’s definitely been done before, but seeing as the entire population watches HBO’s fantasy drama I’m confident some characters from Westeros will reappear this year. Get a blonde wig and a cuddly pet dragon for Daenerys, or buy an IKEA rug and sling it over your shoulders to become Jon Snow.

Teddy and Dolores from West World

Teddy and Dolores from West World

Another HBO hit, West World gained a huge fan following at the end of 2016 with its Wild West vibes and shocking twist ending. Sure, these costumes may at first glance look like a cowboy and a saloon girl, but those in the know will know. Not to mention the #couplegoals of coordinated costumes.

Wonder Woman

The girl power superhero from the latest DC film is the perfect costume for those who want to look hot on Halloween but are unsettled by the not-too-subtle gender bias in sexy women’s costumes. Wonder Woman received critical acclaim this year for being ‘a masterpiece of subversive feminism’. Gal Godot starred and looked incredible in the iconic costume, whilst being fierce and empowering – what more could you want? Bonus points to anyone who dresses up in her Amazon Goddess attire instead of the well-known comic book look.


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