Will uni be right for me?

Decisions. We’re always making them – like when to pop out to buy a pint of milk and a paper, when to order a curry next and when to go to the loo. The latter are simple, of course.

But what about uni? That’s not so easy, right? There’s a lot to consider, you see. Like what to study, which institutions to apply to and whether to live in halls or not. What’s even more confusing is deciding if it’s actually the right option for you. And I’ve thought about it for a while and have come to a final conclusion: uni is for me.

Coming to this decision hasn’t been easy. In fact, it’s been a major strain on my mind. I’m someone who has a passion for gaining knowledge but who doesn’t necessarily want to be stuck in a classroom all the time. I find it highly enriching to be out in the big, wide world, learning on the go and never giving giving – which is why I ended up looking at jobs and apprenticeships while waiting to hear back from UCAS.

Both are such viable options – but for the right people. At first, I saw them as doing what you love straight away, but that feels as though you would be rushing in life. I mean, if you’re still in your teens and are about to leave college, do you really want to become an adult that quickly?

At uni, you have the chance to learn how to be an adult – but over three years. You’re responsible for things such as handing assignments in on time, managing your finances and cooking. I do find the last one scary, though, because I’m eighteen and still don’t know how to turn a cooker on.

There are so many things I want to get out of uni. Obviously, I want to learn more about the subject I’ve applied for – English – and get a decent degree at the end of the three years, but I also want to meet new people and do new things. I plan on joining as many cool societies as possible and, of course, will be writing for this awesome student newspaper. And yes, it’s daunting and scary, though I’m one for new challenges.

Also, I’d really like to use the three years to decide what I actually want in life. I know I want to forge a successful career in journalism – hence the reason I contribute to the likes of the South Wales Evening Post and Wales Online (which I very much love and am grateful for) – though I’d like to discover how to get there exactly and to continue to develop my voice.

Any negatives? I won’t know until I’ve become a uni student, but in all honesty, I’m confident that I’m going to enjoy the experience. I suppose, really, it’s about trying new things out and not being afraid to be you.