Living with strangers

Let’s face it. People aren’t all that great. They have the ability to really suck at times. As you’re well into your life as a Fresher now, you probably know the people you’re living with fairly well.

If you are and you’re saying something along the lines of “Yes, I do and they’re great and I’m looking forward to a great year with them”, then you’re part of the lucky few. Most likely you’re thinking he or she is really annoying and you can’t wait to cut loose.

When put together with up to seven strangers, it’s very unlikely that everything will smell of roses. But to get you through that awkward stage of your life of anonymous flat sharing, we here at The Waterfront have compiled some helpful tips on how to survive horrific housemates and infuriating flat fellows.


  1. Don’t force yourself to fit in.

If you’re more of a night in with Netflix and early to bed kind of person who prefers the quieter side of life, don’t feel you need to have to get drunk every night just to fit in. If your house mates can’t respect that you prefer not to spend the night with sticky shoes and playing drinking games, that’s their problem.

  1. Everyone needs time to themselves.

You should allow yourself to have time away from your social obligations for the health of not only your studies, but also your anxiety. Being able to relax and get an early night once in a while is a great way to decrease stresses from the outside world. Don’t be afraid to tell people you feel like a night alone and shut your door early; no one can be a social bunny 24/7.

  1. It’s not forever.

If you don’t get along with your fellow housemates, simply remember that you have 9 short months of your first year, and it is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t get hung up on negative vibes, and stay out of each other’s way if bickering is ensured to happen. You don’t have to be best friends with the people you live with; as long as it is bearable to pass one another in the kitchen, you’re doing better than some.

  1. Help is available.

If things are becoming unbearable and communication has not only broken down but jumped off Vivian tower, there are always people around to help. Welfare wardens are there to assist you with your problems, however small. If things are so bad that you don’t feel you can live with your housemates anymore, there are opportunities for students to be moved accommodation if welfare wardens feel it is also necessary.

Hopefully this article will help calm you with first year flatmate frets. Remember that dealing with conflict is one hell of a skill to learn and is better to learn early on. There are resources out there for you to use if things disintegrate and things are never as bad as you first think. Most importantly, remember to have an amazing first, second and third year.