PTO Campaign

Following on from the recent Part-Time Officer election, in the next few weeks the Students’ Union will be launching its Part-Time Officer Campaign. The campaign sets out to publicise the team of Officers that you as Swansea University students have voted to represent you.

In total there are 15 Part-Time elected officers with one of the posts (Part-Time Students’ Officer) unfilled. Their names and roles are:

General Secretary: Ms. Asta Uba Mshelia

Environment Officer: Ms. Carlie Andrew

International Students Officer:
Mr. Churchill Detonmene

Ethics Officer: Mr. Ross McKendrick

Mature Students Officer:
Mr. Rhydian Morris

Part Time Students Officer: Vacant

Postgraduate Taught & Research Officers: Ms. Rachel Tucker & Mr. Ross Davies

Fresher’s Rep: Ms. Joy Fashina

Students with Disabilities Officer:
Ms. Ellie Pullen

Students with Caring Responsibilities Officer: Ms. Cindy Amadi

BME (Black & Minority Ethnic) Officer:
Mr. Hamzah Nurgat

LGBT+ Officer (Open Place):
Mr. Sam McLaughlin

LGBT+ Officer (Woman):
Ms. Hannah Stewart

Women’s Officer: Ms. Heather Wood

Welsh Language Officer: Ms. Lauren Evans

Each officer will be showcased on a different week with a theme of their role following, for example the Women’s Officer Week will discuss topics like #FreeThePeriod and the pay gap. The outcome of the campaign is to ensure that all students’ feel supported by the Students’ Union and its officers and knowledgeable about what it is that they actually do.

A spokeswoman for the Students’ Union says:

‘It’s really important that students’ know who they can turn to when they see an issue. If a student is unhappy about the amount of energy the University uses on things like lighting – they can go to their Environmental Officer, if a student feels like the University can do more for the Welsh language – they can turn to the Welsh Language Officer. Our officers are there to cover all aspects of University life and the Union is more than just Freshers’ week! We really hope that this campaign will allow students’ to see and understand that.’

Watch this space for the next PTO of the week!