It’ll be a good year…

With 2015 firmly behind us, the Waterfront’s Harry Ballmann takes a look at what to expect from the year ahead.

Drake: Views from the 6
With one of the biggest selling singles of 2015, a mix-tape and a collaborative album with Future, 2015 has been busy and productive for the 29 year old hip-hop artist. Views from the 6 didn’t make it into Drake’s discography in 2015, so it remains highly likely the album will drop in 2016. It seems likely that he will expand on his 2015 mix-tape, and his album Nothing Was to create the most highly anticipated album of the year.

Release date: ???

Radiohead: LP9

Radiohead’s rejected Bond song found its way onto Twitter, obviously sparking excitement from the Oxford band’s eclectic fan base. As of last week, NME described Radiohead’s album as coming ‘imminently’ following the band’s releasing patterns; their usual pattern being to set up a holding company for whichever album they are releasing. What will be on the album remains a mystery, will Spectre make it onto the album? We certainly hope so. What we can assume is something extremely similar to The King of limbs, a true melee of genres.

Release date: ???

The 1975: I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.

Despite the cringe-worthy, long and unartistic title, The 1975’s new album should present itself as the latest niche, pop-alternative album from the boy band. From what has been released already, it is safe to say that The 1975 have found their musical direction, lightly toned guitars, mixed with a lot of synths. So far, it has a Marmite-type reception; long-time fans are in love with it, excited for the album’s release, whereas newcomers will remain unconvinced.

Release: February 26th

Kanye West: Swish

Where to start with Kanye? His 2020 presidency campaign? Glastonbury 2015? He is certainly somebody that attracts a lot of attention, and it is no different with his latest album, Swish. What makes the name Swish interesting is that in true Kanye style, he tweeted the word along with NSFW pictures of Kim Kardashian previously this year, making the album’s name a little contentious. However, little is known about the album, other than the fact it remains likely that we will see it in 2016, and it will bask familiarity, sounding similar to 2013’s Yeezus.

Release date: ???

Biffy Clyro: Title unknown

It’s a year on from the band’s 2015 hiatus, and we have it on good authority that Biffy Clyro are working on a follow-up album to Opposites. It’s certainly not been any easy few years for the band, returning to their familiar surroundings (a Scottish farmhouse) to conjure up some inspiration. What we do know however, is that the album is going to be loud, and more Biffy than ever. Twitter seems to be their communication medium of choice, exposing a lot of need-to-know information, especially the inclusion of the band in many 2016 festival line-ups and studio photos. It certainly won’t be long until their latest album emerges.

Release date: ???

Bloc Party: Hymns

Representing Britain along with Disclosure for a charity gig in Sydney certainly hyped up expectations for Bloc Party’s upcoming fifth album, Hymns. It will be wise to anticipate a new sound and direction, especially since two members have left since the band’s last tour (2013). Needless to say, it will still resonate a similar Bloc Party feel, and the indie rock band won’t disappoint. Release: January 29th