Food: Coffee Punks

Nathan Lloyd looks at a new coffee shop in Swansea…

This recently opened coffee shop on Swansea’s busy (and otherwise rather neglected) Kingsway is one I’ve passed many a time on my way into town on the bus. The brainchild of Glen Adams, this new coffeehouse might be a David compared to the likes of the Goliath big name high street chains, but its coffee certainly packs a punch (or a slingshot of espresso to the eye, if I’m permitted to stretch the analogy to its elastic limit!).

With an interior of mismatched chairs, reclaimed wood panelling and Edison filament light bulbs, the whole place has a stripped back, industrial feel without removing the warmth. Think Shoreditch mixed with a warm jumper knitted by your gran.

As you walk in you’re greeted by the unique sight of their distinctive yellow Kees van der Westen Arte coffee machine, pumping the air with coffee scented steam. The counter, made from reclaimed wood, is pitted and weathered with age, imbuing the place with a sense of real history (albeit only having been open a little while!) and adds to the warm edge of the place. But the real star of the show is the coffee and Adams is a real master of his craft.

I ordered a latte and slice of parsnip, lemon and ginger cake – supplied by local Swansea baker, Naturally Kind Food (maker of all things sweet, vegan and awesome). The warm spice of the ginger really complimented the smooth warm tones of the coffee. At under £3 for a great coffee in a great space, it beats getting ripped off in a conglomerate coffee shop, feeling like you’re just a number. Plus their food is supplied by Spanish/Welsh Power house Ultracomida, whose spots in Narbeth and Aberystwyth have given the towns a Mediterranean glow with their great food and wine.

Visiting Coffee Punks is a no-brainer. Don’t just keep on passing by, walk in, support a local business and they’ll reward you with some of the best coffee (and cakes) in Swansea.

Find them at 32 Kingsway, Swansea