Stay safe with Safe Zone

Students at Swansea University residences this year are set to get a direct line to security and first aid services, with the launch of a new collaborative phone and tablet app called Safe Zone, writes Rhydian Morris. The safe Zone app will allow students to access security services instantly through pushing a button on the app. Students will then be called by security to verify the alarm, followed by a visit regardless of whether the student answered the phone call. In the case of a miss tap students have 10 seconds to cancel the notification to campus security.

Signing up to the app is easy with students only being required to download the app from, enter their email address once downloaded and then select Swansea University. Safe zone only tracks location once the app has been used to contact security or first aid services, a big concern that has been raised with similar applications. Coverage of the app includes Singleton and Bay Campus, Hendrefoelan Student village, Ty Beck and 360 Watersports.

The joint initiative between the University, Students’ Union, Safe Zone and South Wales police hopes to be a success offering students unprecedented levels of access to security at a moments notice. If successful the scheme is looking to expand to other significant areas of concern, such as student excursions and student club night events.

The university had this to say on its student newsletter; “the personal well-being of students and staff is our top priority and the University upholds an impeccable record on safety. Whilst our campuses are already very safe we are introducing the Safe Zone app to improve any emergency response to you. Through the Safe Zone app, we want to give you extra assurance in relation to personal safety, giving immediate access to security and first responders 24/7; all immediately accessible through your mobile phone.”

The Students’ Union had this to say on the scheme; “the Safe Zone app is a wonderful way to keep our students safe in Swansea. The welfare of our members is a primary concern at the Students’ Union and so it’s great to see the University rolling out this app. We will be working in partnership with the University to promote the app.”


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