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Shannon and Faye are Waterfront’s very own agony aunts and matchmakers.
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Hi Shannon and Faye,

I’ve just found out through a friend that the guy I was previously seeing still has some raunchy pictures of me on his phone which he still uses to get off with, what should I do?

Rachel, Second Year.

First of all girl, you need to rethink who you send these sorts of pictures to. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t, we’re just saying take caution, as some people can’t be trusted. Maybe save it for the real deal. As for the guy, he’s clearly an asshole, with a side of creep, who doesn’t deserve to have your photos. Our best advice we can give, would be to tell him to delete all copies of the pictures, and if he refuses, get people you can trust and call in reinforcements to help make him see reason. Now remember, if you really want to send saucy photos, be wary of who you send them to and never include your face!

Hey girls,

I’ve just moved back to university for my third year living with a group of female friends, everything was going well until we got an unwanted extra housemate. My housemate’s boyfriend is at our house 24/7 and it’s becoming an issue. I don’t want to lose our friendship, but what should I do?

Charlotte, Third Year.

Well Damn! Full disclosure, we almost experienced something like this, and definitely know how crap the situation must be for you. The best thing to do would be to talk to the other housemates and see if you’re all on the same page. If you are, bring it up to the girl, but keep it cool to start with, and don’t attack her. If she doesn’t listen and refuses to simmer it down, then we say you and the other housemates have every right to request that he starts contributing to bills. If not then they’re obviously taking the piss, in that case tell the homegirl that it’s illegal for him to be living there like he’s another housemate, and we bet that will change her mind. Best of luck, go forth and reclaim your house!

While very knowledgeable Shannon and Faye are not qualified to give out expert advice. Waterfront suggests that you take their advice with a pinch of salt and use the Students’ Union’s support services for serious guidance.


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