Fulton Outfitters

It is almost a tradition to have an item of clothing with your university’s name on, and we all love a keepsake to remind us of the fun years we’ve spent there.Fulton Outfitters is your one stop shop to pick up these and lots of other cool mementos.

Stocking everything from hoodies, t-shirts, sportswear and socks to snap-backs, rucksacks, cards and stationery, you won’t have to shop anywhere else!

The store sold over a thousand hoodies over fresher’s fortnight which shows that their jumpers alone are a comfy and stylish way to dress on a day-to-day basis and also perfect for throwing on with jeans.

The wide variety of sizes stocked, from XS to XXXL means that you can get the perfect fit or even go a size up for an extra comfy and snuggly feel.

Fulton Outfitters is in Fulton House on Singleton Campus, just opposite Costcutter.

For all you Bay Campus students, a Fulton Outfitters shop is also on campus, within the Students’ Union building, near the launderette.

Both shops are open Monday-Friday from 10am until 5pm.
This October, Fulton Outfitters celebrates its 4th birthday, so make sure that you pop in and buy an item of clothing or accessory to support them! They also sell gifts which is ideal, especially with Christmas coming up – get your friend a keepsake which they’ll treasure forever!

The Fultoneers, the brand ambassadors of Fulton Outfitters, will also be around both Singleton and Bay campus displaying some of the clothing items for sale. Staff at Fulton Outfitters will be recruiting other students to be part of their team so if you think you’d be interested then let them know!


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