Marathon woman

A Swansea University Masters student has been working towards the goal of one marathon a week or 52 marathons this year. Laura Fiteni, a former member of Swansea Student Media took on the challenge as a new year’s resolution to herself in January.

She has run the equivalent of a marathon every week this year, placing considerable emphasis on running in her free time to ensure her goal. Next month she will utilise this year long training with her first full 26.2 mile endurance marathon.

Laura, a committed martial artist, decided to set herself this challenge as a way of working towards her fitness for her goal of a third degree black belt.

“It was a New Year’s challenge,” she explained. “I wanted to do something to challenge myself that would also help to improve my fitness, strength and speed. You need to be really fit to be awarded the belt. The grading is very intense and running will really help to build my muscle endurance.”

Laura recently graduated this year from Swansea University with a degree in History and Welsh. While graduating with a strong academic performance, fitness has transformed into her greater passion.

“A lot of people I knew thought I would take the more academic route in life as I loved studying in school, but nothing challenges me in the same way fitness does,” said Laura.

Laura is raising money for two charities, including Cancer Research UK, and is accepting donations at


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