Vintage vibes

You may have seen or been to the vintage fair that was in university recently, the ‘one stop pop up shop for all your vintage needs.’
The event was hosted by University Vintage Fairs, an organisation that travels across the UK to bring students vintage clothing at an affordable price.

Aztec, plaid, cord, denim and all sorts of clothing were seen at the fair, ranging from coats and cut-offs to sportswear and shirts. So now you’ve bought your vintage items, the question is how to style them? Let me show you…



This material is probably the most versatile of them all and can be styled and worn in so many different ways. ‘Mom’ jeans are very popular at the moment and look great with a colourful retro shirt (depending on how loud you want your look to be) or just a logo t-shirt. Wear with trainers, a chunky belt and even a cap depending on how you want your outfit to look! A denim jacket is always a good investment as it can be worn with so many different pieces and even looks great on a night out. The question is, are you daring enough to embrace double denim?



Vintage street-wear, such as a colour-block fleece, can be thrown over anything and instantly brightens up an outfit. Look out for brands such as Adidas, Fila and Nike and invest in baggy t-shirts, track jackets and oversized sweatshirts.


 vintage-plaid   vintage-plaid-men

In the form of a shirt, skirt or scarf, vintage plaid is one of the easiest patterns to style. Wear a mid-length checked skirt with a cosy knitted jumper, woolly tights and knee-high boots for when it gets cold or wear an oversized plaid shirt over a simple black t-shirt and skinny jeans for the autumnal months. A style not just for girls, a checked scarf can look great with a colourful pair of trousers for the boys, worn with tan shoes and a matching belt for a more formal approach.



Cord is everywhere this season and the best way to style it is to pair some cute cord dungarees with a patterned (or plain depending on how daring you want to go) turtle-neck top and ankle boots. If dresses aren’t your forte, try a pair of cord trousers with a chunky sweater and a scarf.



Caps are huge at the moment and look great with mom jeans, a floral tie-at-the-waist top or a bomber jacket. Better still, they cover up bad hair days and look great with your hair loose or in a ponytail. Vintage belts are so versatile as they’re usually made out of soft leather so have a lovely worn-in look, which looks great paired with some Levi high-waist shorts or mom jeans.

Tips to check it’s vintage…

Lot numbers which gave each item a number to keep track of the where it was distributed and sorted.

A tag that states “one size fits all”. This was a phase in the 1980s where the style was oversized everything!

Labels that state “made in the USA” or similar. Brands would proudly say that clothing was made in the country it was sold in as a patriotic statement, standing for higher wages for employees.

Decorative labels. During the 60s, 70s and 80s, labels were anything but simple like they are today. Look out for flowers, symbols and unusual typography on the brand label.


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