Album review: Head Carrier by The Pixies

By Daniel Coleman

Head Carrier is evidence that bands are able to produce quality albums long past ‘their prime’ Returning with an album of catchy pop melodies and sludgy guitar riffs, The Pixies’ latest record manages to remain fresh, aptly capturing the band’s musical direction.

‘Baal’s Back’ is the first notable track. A frantic 2 and a half minutes, vocalist Black Francis’ produces a raw, powerful voice, channelling aggression into each scream. This is all behind a eye gauging riff line and thick drum line. Meanwhile, songs such as ‘All I Think About Now’ pays tribute to the band’s creative hooks and playful mix of dark undertones and uplifting tempo.

It’s a solid, fun rock album, keeping to a tradition garage sound while offering something relevant, a record that’s not hard to sway towards. The highlight track, ‘Talent’, is more than evident of that fact; with a killer bass line, layered with muddy guitar riffs  it is certain that The Pixies have excess energy in their ageing bones. They don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.


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