Swansea Uni Feminist Society

Do you believe in equality of men and women? Yes?

Congratulations, you’re a feminist! No, we’re not talking about those dreaded feminazis that The Sun and The Daily Mail write about. We’re talking about likeminded people with a passion for equality and a good discussion.

The feminist society has got some amazing new events in the upcoming weeks. So far we’ve had a fantastic Meet & Greet, we’ve had Quiz Nights and we’ve had book clubs. We also introduced an exciting event, a Self Defence Class which took place during the last week of October. However, this event was only open to those who identify as female.

There will also be later classes that will be open to all genders. The feminist society is notorious for its discussion, and in November we will hope to hold a discussion event around the topic of Abortion. We wont be arguing for or against, but simply the discussions around it. For example, touching upon the recent events in Poland where Women’s Rights were drastically threatened as a law was proposed that would result in abortion being made illegal, even in cases of rape or incest. We also hope to collaborate with other societies for this event, to gain a wider understanding around the topic.

We have so many more plans for the upcoming weeks! Please visit our Facebook Page “Swansea University Feminist Society” to find the events.

We hope to see you there!


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