Agony Aunts

By Shannon Jones & Faye Vlietstra

Shannon and Faye are Waterfront’s very own agony aunts and matchmakers.
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Hey girls, I have been with my boyfriend for a year now, but I may have got a bit too drunk and made a couple of questionable decisions, which involved sleeping with another guy. I think I still want to be with my boyfriend, but at the same time I had fun. What should I do?

Lily, Second Year

Oh Lily, you know we fully embrace letting your freak flag fly, but when you’re SINGLE! It is not okay to cheat babe. From what you said it seems like you’re ready to enter the world of single. You’re going to have to grab your lady balls, and come clean to your boyfriend and if we’re being honest, it’s probably going to end, if not then he’s a schmuck and nobody needs that anyway. Good luck and raise that flag, but for future reference: no more cheating!

Hi Shannon and Faye,

My friend is in to Swansea to visit me, during her time here she hooked up with someone that I explicitly told her not to, as he’s a slimeball. To make things worse they had sex in my basement without a condom. How do I deal with her as she’s here for another couple of days?

Sarah, Third Year

Your friend sounds like an idiot. If we were you, we would want her gone, but seeing as you have to put up with her for a few more days, just try and get through it. We are sure she feels pretty crappy (she should) about the situation, but try and remember she’s your friend so don’t be too harsh on her. As for the sex without a condom part, dumb dumb dumb! Tell her that when she gets home she needs to get checked out ASAP and she should talk to the guy to see if there’s anything she needs to know. Let’s just hope she’ll leave you in the same state that she arrived in. Good luck with the next couple of days.

While very knowledgeable, Shannon and Faye are not qualified to give out expert advice. Waterfront suggests that you take their advice with a pinch of salt and use the Students’ Union’s support services for serious guidance.


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