Valentine’s day binge watch: House of Cards

by Becky Elms

Now, I am aware this isn’t the most romantic choice but it is a convincing argument that the House of Cards release date is more important than Valentine’s day. So, order a takeaway with your partner and catch up with the ruthless path to presidency of the USA.

A Netflix Original starring the amazing Kevin Spacey, you must catch up on this if you haven’t watched it yet, as the eagerly anticipated season five is soon to be released.

Frank Underwood (Spacey) is a sly politician willing to do whatever it takes to get to The White House. With scandalous affairs, addiction and murders, the political world is more brutal than you first thought. Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), Frank’s wife, proves to be just as devious as they both aim to get him to the top. The couple are obsessed with power and it is compelling to see just how far they are willing to go in order to get it.

The premise of the show may seem simple but this does not take anything away from its sinister and seductive plot-line. Intriguingly, as the anti-heroes, we still support Frank and Claire’s ruthless pursuit of the presidency – despite their digressions and violent behaviour. This is the shows biggest success. The hyperbolic depiction of the political world is probably not far off what we imagine the game of politics to be like. In this way, the show satirises modern politics and, with current politics the way it is, we need this satire.


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