Swansea Stands up to Donald 

Hundreds gather in Swansea to show solidarity to Refugees and minorities that President Trump has threatened. 


All around the United Kingdom, citizens picked up their home-made placards, their drums and marched to protest the latest of endangerment to human rights. Donald Trump, President of the United States in all of ten days has united the world. He hasn’t united the world in peace or love, but instead in hatred for the executive orders and the islamophobia he’s exerting.

Swansea, along with numerous of other cities including Brighton, London, Leicester, Cardiff and Edinburgh took a stand tonight to show their outcry at Trumps latest atrocities. The latest order enforces a 90-day travel ban for nationals, including dual-nationalists from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. This even affects those who hold valid US visas or immigration permits.


Tonight was a beautiful sight of both young and old coming together to show their support for refugees and those of other ethnicities. Showing through their chanting of Say Hey! Ho! Muslim Ban has got to go!’. The emergency protest was created in the last 26 hours and co-created by Gareth Bromhall. Gareth explains what the protest meant to him, to see so many diverse people coming together to show solidarity to those who need it the most.


I think it was a really important event tonight, hundreds of people gathering and marching, largely young, lots of students as well as a really diverse crowd which shows how everyone is feeling under attack. Trump is the most powerful man in the most powerful country in the world, and what he does effects the world. By banning Muslims, he is blaming them for terrorism, ignoring the roll that western imperialism has had in creating terror. He’s also ignoring the fact that most mass killings and terror attacks in the US are by far right, white supremacists. In 10 days he has attached women’s rights, LGBT+ rights, the rights of Muslims and of Latino/a/x people and of native Americans and the environment. He’s shut down the sharing of scientific facts that don’t suit his narrative and that’s in 10 days… he has at least 4 years. It’s important that we carry on this fight, globally. My comrades have played a fantastic role in organising the fight back in the US, but I also know that tonight every major town and city in the U.K. Was protesting at the same time, and this week across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, even women scientists in Antarctica have been protesting him and the system he represents, that is built on the division, the racism, the misogyny and the hate. My main take away and this is important is that this can’t end tonight, or in March, or his visit in the summer.” 

Gareth is organising a Swansea University student led protest and is to hold a meeting next Wednesday to organise the protest.


In addition to today’s protests, a UK petition has gained 1.5 million signatures today, demanding that Downing Street reject a state visit from President Trump. However, Downing Street refused this petition, claiming that it would un-do all the progress our Prime Minister has achieved with the President so far. Due to it reaching the 100,000 mark it will be debated in Parliament. May’s light treatment of President Trump’s actions has not been missed, as many protesters in Swansea were calling for her resignation. One placard can be seen within the crowd, highlight the close action of May and Trump holding hands. Gareth explains some of the crowds feeling about May and Trumps relationship

Teresa May held his hand this week, refused to speak out against his actions, and she was behind her own “go home” bus campaign, her party in government has acted woefully to the refugee situation, and are planning further cuts that will devastate our communities, leading to even more hate and division.”


Remember Trump means fart in the United Kingdom.

By Heather Wood


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