Find your ROOT to good health

We all know student life is full on. From the pre drinks to the almighty weekly “sesh” and studying in between, it is a daily struggle trying to maintain a “healthy diet”.

That is why most of us try fad diets and prance around in gym clothes hoping for change (I am hoping I am not just talking about myself here).  
Swansea University and the Students’ Union have recently opened the new healthy food store ROOT. So as students you can say goodbye to your winter weight and come to your new go to place! Here are the main facts about your new store; 
Where can I find ROOT? 
ROOT is located in place of the former Sport Swansea Office on Singleton campus. 
What can I buy in ROOT? 
 root_-6ROOT sell a vast range of products ranging from gluten free and vegan goods. The freshly made pies, wraps and bhajis are amongst the products supplied by local restaurant Govinder’s and Mr Nice Pies and are pack full of flavour. They were a hit at the preview event!

“I love the bhajis, they are great!” – Jordan Shamsaee SUSU 
How can I contribute to the development of the store? 
The SUSU have provided some helpful suggestion cards so that as students, you can tell them what you would like to see in store.

“Getting educated on health will be good, getting to know the ingredients for a healthy lifestyle will be great” – Minkesh Sood (SUSU director) 
ROOT is a perfect excuse to get into healthy eating habits! Even the treats are healthy and delicious! So ROOT yourself in the new shopping facility provided Swansea University and the Students’ Union! #LOVESUSU

By Tasnim Uddin


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