Swansea Ultimate defeat Winchester with 15-0 victory

After suffering a string of losses in their regional matches, Swansea University Ultimate have found their footing with this home game after the holidays. Swansea controlled the match completely, not conceding a single point. Conditions on the pitch were damp, with a mostly crosswise wind throughout the game. Winchester started off strong but it was clear that Swansea simply outclassed Winchester when it came to speed. The home team was consistently able to break free of their marks and this offensive flow proved difficult to stop. Looking to counter and eager for a way into the match, Winchester threw up a zone of their own to start the half. It was highly effective, leading to the longest point of the game. There were several turnovers on both sides and an attack on Swansea’s end zone from Winchester, but in the end, Swansea was able to put it away. Unable to hold the point, Winchester’s morale collapsed, leading to several unforced errors, which Swansea was quick to capitalize on. Soon after Swansea reached the score cap to end the game after just 38 minutes. The teams ended on good terms, playing 10 minutes of friendlies with players from both sides mixed into two new teams.  Next up for Swansea Ultimate are two crucial games versus Bristol and FXU. Like in football, Ultimate teams can promote into higher leagues if they perform well, or be relegated down a league if they fail to do so. Swansea must win at least one of these two matches to avoid facing relegation. Here’s hoping those lads you sometimes see playing with that strange flat ball can finish the season strong!

If you’d like to attend a match to show your support for Ultimate, go to trainings, or just learn more about the sport, please join our Facebook group “Swansea University Ultimate” for more information. 


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