Bus Crash at Student Village

Reports have come in on social media sites that a bus has been involved in a collision with a parked vehicle at the Swansea University Student Village site.

News of the collision was first posted on the popular Facebook group “Overheard at Swansea” by user Kallum Weddell. In the photos it shows a number 8 bus having already collided into a white university van. The university van, due to the collision, has further crashed into a student accommodation block, that has been confirmed as being the unused house 39. No students or other persons have been reported as injured.


The collision has since reached infamy with students, due to it being posted on the exemplary Facebook page Swanmeme.

A welfare warden on the site when asked for comment described the collision as “a slow quiet crash”.

Initial information from the scene point to an unfortunate accident involving the driver of the number 8 bus being unable to deploy the break, after the buses engine cut out unexpectedly. Individuals from social media have indicated that the collision was due to a handbrake being left off, though no evidence is currently available to back up that account at this time.


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