A Case For Dating Older Men

By Anonymous

I am sick of going on dates with people around my age, 21. Most of them have no goals, ambition or gentlemanly etiquette. They cannot keep a conversation going, it’s mostly about their interests which are very few and far between and, not particularly interesting half of the time, and their question of ‘what are you looking for?’ – I will figure out whether you have the potential to be during the date, and they are just bland.

Whereas dates with older men are much more interesting.They know how to lead and carry an INTERESTING conversation related to your interests and theirs and are just generally good with banter and making you laugh etc… They have been around women for longer and know how to sweep a lady off her feet.

Older men have mula (money), at least the ones you are into should, because otherwise you’re dating the 21 year old who never grew up. Older men can spend on you and teach you a thing or two about handling money. Luxurious dates and support with money will come your way.

Older men are also more mature. Enough said. Unless, of course, you are dating the idiot who didn’t grow up. They treat you like a princess. Many older men dating younger women, feel proud that they could get a younger woman and tend to spoil and treat her like a queen. Which is something I do not mind.

Older men are also ready to have serious relationships (Adult serious relationships). The guy your age is probably not ready to handle the maturity a proper serious adult relationships needs. He can’t even decide what he wants to do with his life that evening. The older man has probably had lots of previous relationships and so is more experienced in what they require. Even if he’s been a serial bachelor, he has experienced more life and so is more sensible. Also the majority of older men are tired of playing the field (bar those who are still trying to find their youth at an old age) and want a serious relationship.


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