Agony Aunts

Dear Shannon and Faye,

I’ve started dating someone, I really like them, but there are a couple of red flags. Their personality has completely changed and they’ve started to become obsessive and possessive, and constantly checks up on me throughout the day. I thought this was just casual, what do I do?

Luke, Third Year.

GET OUT! It is not okay for someone to be constantly checking up on you and trying to control your life. Obsession and possessiveness are major red flags and we’ve never known anything good to come out of ignoring them. Try and talk to them and make them aware you think this is moving too quickly. If they don’t take it well then run away fast and find someone else. Here’s a tip for next time: choose more wisely.

Dear Shannon and Faye,

My girlfriend has said several times that she’s down for having sex when she’s on her period. While I’m happy that she feels comfortable enough to share this with me, I’m really grossed out by the whole idea. How do I get her to stop talking about it?

James, Second Year.

Really James? Sure, everyone gets a bit squeamish about blood, but at the end of the day periods are completely natural, or did you miss that class in biology? The fact that she’s wanting to have sex with you when she’s on her period, shows that she completely trusts you and is comfortable, as that’s a big thing! So, what if you get a bit of blood on you, just hop in the shower, wipe yourself down, and move on. Heck, you could even ask her to join you. Just go with the flow, and don’t try to silence her, it only makes you look bad.


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