Fan of Craft Beer and Burgers? You Need to Try The Bucket List

By Nathan Lloyd

American food is equally as easy to nail as it is to mess up monumentally. Hands up, who’s had more than one subpar burger in their lifetime? People think that throwing together familiar ingredients breeds results, but that’s certainly not the case. Fortunately there’s somewhere new for you to try before the end of Uni that isn’t a stilted rehash of the TGI Friday formula.

Situated at the bottom of Wind St is The Bucket List, is a little slice of tastefully done Americana in Swansea. Its name belies its MO, it’s a ‘bucket list of beers you have to try before you die’, and as such it offers a great range of international craft beers. From Norwegian Lervig Aktiebryggeri to homegrown talents like Newport’s Tiny Rebel to Bristolian Arbor, there’s enough variety on the beer menu to satisfy the connoisseur and the newbie alike.

Foodwise, expect American classics like buttermilk fried chicken & humongous burgers, all served in buckets with a fistful of fries, paired really well with the beers. For £5 you can get yourself a members’ card that gives you some deals and opens up the members’ room upstairs. This one seems squarely aimed at students in many ways which may leave you a little cynical, but it’s worth a look as the atmosphere is very chilled. It even has football tables and pool tables for you to enjoy with a few friends. So why not check it out!


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