Biorhythms with Ballmann: A BBC Radio 6 Interview

Our Music Editor Harry Ballmann was given the opportunity to take part in a radio interview on BBC6 Music with presenter Lauren Laverne, speaking about his biorhythms; songs that are an integral part of people’s lives, provoking physical, emotional and intellectual responses. 

Physical: Bambro Koyo Ganda by Bonobo

I chose this track because the whole album is about fluidity and physicality. The album itself is called migration, inherently about movement. The song’s Moroccan influences, including input from New York based Moroccan band Innov Gnawa illustrates the track’s reach beyond western listeners, inspired by a collective of international music.

Emotional: Truth is a Beautiful Thing
by London Grammar

This track’s beauty and emotion lies in its contrast; somewhat subtle and soft at the beginning, launching into something extremely profound and powerful. With Hannah Reid’s melodic voice in conjunction with one piano creates an eerie atmosphere like nothing else, provoking deep and heartfelt emotion.

Intellectual: Euro Child by Massive Attack

As a politics student, I couldn’t help choose this song, it’s rolling satire and gloominess, still as relevant today as 22 years ago at its release. The LP Protection and Euro Child’s EP features a doll, with rings around its head, representing the European Union, with the song almost inferring creating a union out of chaos, something seemingly relevant today, more than ever.


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