Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Netflix Binge

By Becky Elms

It’s that time of year again; the sun is shining and we poor students are forced to sit inside cramming a whole year’s worth of revision into a few weeks. It is the time we all dread, and procrastination is inevitable. So, I recommend in the spirit of ‘helping’ you fill that time with some much-needed relaxation a.k.a. Brooklyn Nine Nine – short, twenty minute episodes which will fill out those much-needed revision breaks.

Think The Office with handcuffs. The show is set in a Brooklyn police precinct following the lives and adventures of the quirky detectives that work there. Peralta, the smartass golden boy of the precinct, is offset by a new arrival, Captain Holt, whose deadpan expression hilariously contrasts the oddball detectives in the precinct. Boyle, clumsy and with little awareness of the world around him, serves as Peralta’s enjoyable counterpart. Amy Santiago challenges Peralta at every chance she gets and unashamedly sucks up to her boss, Captain Holt. Diaz (a personal favourite) hates everyone she meets and the other characters all add their own unique spark to this weird and wonderful precinct. With three seasons of twenty-two episodes each there should be more than enough content for you to procrastinate with.

Happy Revising!


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