Emily talks about Il Divo


Il Divo is a multi-national classical crossover group. There’s Sébastien Izambard who is a French singer-songwriter; Baritone, Carlos Marìn from Spain; Tenor, Urs Bühler from Switzerland and finally, American Tenor, David Miller.

The quartet’s strength is their remarkable ability to blend operatically-trained vocals and classical music with themes from pop, bolero, folk, tango and Latin music.

Their first self-titled album was released in 2004 and their most recent album Amor & Pasión was released in 2015.

Il Divo is one of my favourite groups and I have a very personal connection with their beautiful music. I also managed to see them live in June 2016 at the end of my year abroad when they performed in Zurich in Switzerland which was an amazing, unforgettable experience.



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