Foods you’ll fall for: The best places to visit this Autumn – Market deals

by Kassy Fox

Though the common practice with most students is to just hop to town and jump into the wonderful chaos that is Tesco shopping, I have found that the Market in town holds far more savings for the frugal student than any Tesco deals. From Student offers to the lowest prices on fresh produce/meat products, you can find just about everything you need on any student budget in the Swansea Market. The Market itself is not advertised enough to students. Tesco may be convenient as far as location, but the market offers a rich culture and wealth of Welsh cuisine that I find enriching and well worth the slight detour and the occasional market crowds. For those interested in cooking their own meals as opposed to the regular intervals of take-out and ready meals, the market offers a wide variety of ingredients that cater to the pickiest of chefs or least experienced novice.

Most commonly you will find the Student offers at the butcher’s the best option. At only £10 per student deal, they give a wide selection offering packages including a half-dozen eggs or rashers of bacon along with chicken, pork sausages, and even lamb. Though most may be intimidated by the idea of cooking at home, it’s far cheaper in the long run and could save you a pretty penny at the end of the week!

If you are not a fan of red meats, seafood is one of the best sources of protein that is low in fat and a very health conscious choice if you’re looking to maintain a good diet or slim down for the upcoming sports seasons. Swansea market offers a wide selection of fish stalls. The freshest catches at the lowest prices, easily one of the best parts of a shopping trip is being able to grab a couple of salmon or tuna steaks for a date night dinner.

The veg stalls are by far the best and freshest deals within the market, locally sourced veg that is crisp, healthy, and won’t break your bank (some stalls offer student discount, be sure to ask)! I love to go in the mornings and get the best selections before the mid-day rush steals them away. Whether you are a vegetarian, a vegan, or just looking for a healthy side to go with that student meat deal, be sure to check them all out.


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