Blade Runner 2049

by W. B. Kriescher

Blade Runner (originally modelled on Port-Talbot’s steel works at night) is a classic! The original film is not only action-packed but challenges the action genre with some very real and relevant questions about humanity, racism and more. When you dissect the film, it is clearly meant to be more than just another action movie, and it shows. Luckily, Blade Runner 2049 also does not disappoint!

Sequels tend to have a bad reputation for ruining the franchise; they are viewed as a cash cow for companies to make quick and easy money, knowing that it is less risk for the production company because they already know the film has an established audience, and so, less effort goes into making them. Thank goodness Blade Runner did it right! This is a film that pays true homage to the original title. From the very beginning, the soundtrack and general theme of the film retains that gritty, Blade Runner vibe that fans of the original are sure to love.

As mentioned, the original Blade Runner had themes that made its audience think. The sequel follows suit with A.I., holograms, and love. This recurring theme of humanity vs technology, combined with an interesting story of twists and turns, makes Blade Runner 2049 a must-watch film this year.

If you are looking for an action, romance, mystery, joyride featuring superb actors and a thought-provoking plot, look no further.


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