The Root to eating healthy

by Tobi K. Adedeji

Root caters to vegetarians and vegans along with those that have special dietary needs such as gluten intolerance. As a partnership between the Students’ Union and the University, Root works to provide students with a range of hot and healthy food to fit with their busy schedules.

Root welcomes you with a very clean, chic and modern ambience. The very minimalistic atmosphere makes it easy to find what you’re looking for without any distractions. The products in Root range from healthy home cooked meals, snacks and sandwiches to a delightfully delicious looking salad bar! One of my favourites was the Detox-zing banana smoothie, a perfect drink for when you need something refreshing after a long night of studying… or partying!

Now in its second year, the store underwent a transformation during the recent summer break, expanding the shop to offer an even wider range of products.Hot food is now available throughout the day, with porridge and cooked breakfasts in the mornings and a variety of self serve hot food and soups from lunchtime onwards.

The store is incredibly progressive and has quickly found itself a niche in the variety of food offered on campus, appealing to students following a particular diet and those with an interest in trying something new.


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