By: Emily Maybanks

For us students here at Swansea University, the first month of the New Year – January – can mean only one thing: EXAMS! A word which fills us with dread and anxiety and often means that we’re crazily trying to revise as much as possible.

Swansea University Students’ Union run a campaign called #StudyAid. It is a campaign that the Students’ Union runs in order to help students maintain their wellbeing during the difficult exam season, as this is always a busy, stressful and tiring time for students. The #StudyAid events are designed to help students to relax, as well as to give students the opportunity to vent any frustration they’re facing with revision in a controlled environment (an example of such an event is the smashing watermelons event, which took place on Friday 12th January, and will be taking place again on Thursday 25th January – at midday outside Fulton House).

Further #StudyAid events which are taking place over the next fortnight across both Singleton and Bay campuses include dog cuddling, which takes place in Mosaig in the Digital Technium building on Singleton campus from 7p.m., until 8p.m., on Tuesday 23rd January. To assist students with food and cooking during the stressful exam period, campus catering are keeping Blas in Fulton House open later, to make sure that you get yourself a hot dinner, especially for #StudyAid. They are open until 8p.m., every day. On Bay campus, the SU are serving up fresh pizzas, from 52°, delivered to students in the library café. Throughout #StudyAid, tea and coffee, with a side of biscuits is being served in the library on Bay campus from 2p.m., until 6p.m., and in the Singleton campus library from 6p.m., until 10p.m., every weekday evening.

During the exam period, the Swansea University Students’ Union Advice & Support Centre are  holding drop in sessions; just pop by and have a chat about anything from friends, to exam worries; anything that is on your mind. Furthermore, you can read a range of useful exam tips and advice from the Advice Centre in January’s edition of the Waterfront newspaper. These drop in sessions are held every day on Singleton campus, from 10a.m., until 1p.m., and on Wednesdays and Fridays on Bay campus from 10a.m., until 1p.m., in the SU building.

Swansea University Students’ Union’s Education Officer, Emily Rees, who runs the #StudyAid campaign says, “As we all know, exams can be tough, especially at this time of year. We run #StudyAid to give students a break from all their hard work and to make Uni that little bit easier for them.” Additionally, if students have any suggestions for events for the next #StudyAid (which will be held before summer exams), then let them know!

To see more of the #StudyAid events, follow this link to visit the Facebook event.


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