Cosy Contentment at Hoogah – Swansea’s newest cafe

by Annie Harte

Following its exploding popularity, you might have heard of the latest well-being craze of ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’). Hygge stems from Danish culture and attempts to embody a cosy and content lifestyle which is exactly what Hoogah – Swansea’s newest bar and kitchen – offers. Located on Bryn-Y-Mor Road, Hoogah is a vision of fairy lights, vintage furniture and quirky cushions which will certainly catch the attention of any passers-by.
The menu is simple and sweet, offering brunch, pretzels and sourdough pizza. I tried both the hummus pretzel and the vegan pesto pizza and wasn’t disappointed. The pretzel was delicious: spicy chilies, thick-cut ham and oozing with gooey melted cheese. After just half of the pretzel I was pleasantly full but I couldn’t not try the pizza! Even though I’m not a vegan, this was one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had – move over, Dominos! The sourdough base, along with the freshest tasting tomato and green pesto topping was an absolute delight. I didn’t even think about cheese… Okay maybe I did, but it’s safe to say that my friends and I all left feeling extremely happy. Hoogah’s extensive drinks menu ranges from classic hot drinks (complete with soya, almond and coconut milk) to a selection of botanical cocktails which I will 100% be going back for.

What added to the comfortable environment was the relaxed attitude of the staff. Even though they had been open for only two days, they were attentive from the moment we first stepped in up until when we left and this made a huge difference. It’s obvious that they’re passionate about giving Swansea somewhere that’s about socialising in a friendly environment, with good food and good people. Hygge should make you think of candles, oversized scarves and hot mugs of coffee so if this sounds like your kind of thing (come on, what student doesn’t love/rely on coffee?) take a leaf out of the Dane’s book and get into Hoogah!


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